Staking for IDO Participant

Account Balance : 0.00 CTIC


Staked Balance (Based days) : 0 CTIC



To be eligible for any of the tiers you are required to stake the following:

Level Mosas
: 3000 CTIC Multiplier 1x
Level Necros
: 4000 CTIC Multiplier 3x
Level Telma
: 7000 CTIC Multiplier 5x
Level Lanth
: 10000 CTIC Multiplier 8x
Level Cherm
: 15000 CTIC Multiplier 10x
Level Varanus
: 20000 CTIC Multiplier 15x
Level Comodo
: 30000 CTIC Multiplier 20x

User Levels


Staked Balance: CTIC

Staked Token

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Comodo Runs on the Binance Smart Chain network also adapted the Hybrid Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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